January 30th, 2012

Give potential donors and customers an easy way to request information that gets logged into CiviCRM! CiviCRM plus Joomla is a fantastic platform for your business or non-profit. Joomla powers your Website. CiviCRM organizes your Contacts, events, and even powers your mailing list. The combination is quite powerful for a range of businesses.

CorFun has had a great deal of experienced using the Joomla/CiviCRM combination for a variety of non-profit and for-profit organizations. While CiviCRM is a powerful tool, it did have one weakness when compared to other Joomla/CRM combinations. If you are trying to get a visitor to your site to sign up for a newsletter or request more information (become a self-generated lead) then core CiviCRM routes the visitor to a page on which to fill in the information.

This is can be a clunky, two-step process. Worse, when the potential customer or donor lands on the CiviCRM page to sign up, a long list of optional information (snail mail address, phone number, etc.) can be staring him or her in the face. If the person just wanted a quick email with more information, your asking for address, phone number, etc. can cause second thoughts. If the potential customer or donor fails to fill out the information, then you have lost contact forever.

CiviLead from CorFun is a component and module which combine to streamline the process of getting “leads” and eNewsletter subscribers into your CiviCRM system. You can use the CiviLead Module to encourage contact from any page of your Joomla-powered site.

With CiviLead, you can reduce the usage of your “Contact Us” page for folks who want specific information. With CiviLead, you just use CiviCRM for those “contact” purposes by putting a contact module right there on a page advertising a service, an event, a volunteer opportunity, a product, etc.! Configurable emails say thank you to new leads and alert internal resources to the new contact opportunity. Put leads where they belong – in your CRM system!