CJCB Profile

November 18th, 2013

If you use Community Builder and CoreJoomla’s Cjblog then you may want to display the user’s Cjblog points, badges and article stats in your users Community Builder profiles.

This plugin does just that.

– The plugin is small in size.
– Included seperate plugins if you wish to display only a specific stat.
– Simple and easy to use, just install through Community Builder and publish then insert the tab in Community Builder.
– Hardly any setup needed, no parameters, just enable the plugin.

This package comes with 4 different plugins, all to be installed through Community Builder (not tested with Community Builder versions older than 1.9).

*plug_cjcbprofile: Displays number of Articles, Number of Badges and Number of points.

*plug_cjcbprofile-a: Displays number of Articles only.

*plug_cjcbprofile-b Displays number of badges only.

*plug_cjcbprofile-p Displays number of points only.

Works and tested with CB 1.9 and Cjblog 1.1.7.
Tested and works with Joomla! 2.5. Please unpack each plugin and install them through Community Builder.

Haven’t used it with J1.5, J1.6, J1.7 or Joomla 3. Please try because it shouldn’t be a problem.
Also kindly let me know if you use it on these versions so that I can mark it compatible for them.

Demo page (browse the profiles to see the Cjblog stats pulled through):


For any help or support please visit: we’ll do our best to help you.