Classifieds Redux

November 28th, 2013

Classifieds ReduxThis is the most versatile classifieds component, in that as the webmaster, you can revise the list displays and the detail displays as you please without the need to make program changes. Go to our website to evaluate the demo, we will even make a demo admin available for you to see how easily the changes can be made.

This component allows you to create an online market place to allow merchants to sell their wares online without the expense of building and maintaining their own sites. Your advertisers can sell their items, they are paid directly and then deliver the items directly to their buyers or in the case of digital products can have them downloaded when their transactions have been completed.

The goal of this Classifieds Manager is to provide as many configuration options to eliminate any custom programming that might be needed.

A complete Classified Ads Manager component with the following features:

– upgraded to Joomla 3.0+ standards with drag and drop of images in front end

– tutorial videos available to help installation, parameter setup and display layout.

– most versatile classifieds component to allow modification of list display and ad detail display. Webmaster now has control on positioning data fields anywhere they prefer. Hard coded/fixed locations of images/thumbnails, headline, description and every other field can now be placed at ones discretion. List columns can quickly be re-arranged, ad detail display also.

– RSS feeds now available for all ads, ads of a specific category or ads of a specific ad owner

– JomSocial and Community builder integration.

– comments for ads via jComments or Komento (free plug-in available)

– Built in Google mapping, to the street address level. Allows getting directions for smartphone/tablet users on the go.

– improved search algorithm

– 2 payment features, PayPal and direct payment to administrator using smart phone card swipe technology.

– Allows advertisers to create an ad and setup digital media to be downloaded with payments going directly to the advertiser

– Categories can be restricted for viewing and/or posting to certain groups or to a specific group, this allows for specific menus to only be seen by certain groups (such general public, registered users, dealers, wholesalers, etc.)

– Individual fields can also be restricted to certain groups or a specific group to be viewed and/or posted.

– Recurring/Subscription payment capability, defined globally or based on category.

– Mulitple levels of sub-categories allowed.

– Fees can be set at the field level (ie. charge for URL links, video links, etc.).

– Embed YouTube videos within the ad.

– Variable number of free and/or paid images per ad either globally or by category and/or sub-category.

– with Featured Ads module installed can include featured items at top of lists and highlighted.

– Up to 5 terms/durations and costs for each category and sub-c