October 1st, 2013

Cloudhotelier is a professional booking engine that combines the flexibility of Joomla! with the stability, easy-to-use and continuos improving of the cloud systems.

With CloudHotelier you’ll get a ready-to-go control panel where the hotel managers can easily manage the hotel: availability, rates, offers, bookings, etc.

With the Joomla! component, you’ll get a powerful extension that makes very easy and secure for hotel’s guests to process their reservations directly on the website.

Unlimited room types
Ajax navigation
Industry standards UI
Multiple confirmation methods:
– Online payments like Paypal and others
– Guest CC data as guarantee through SSL form
– Booking Request
Beautiful calendars, emails & helpers
Joomla! architecture standards
GNU/GPL v3 licensed PHP code
MVC architectured
Template overrides compatible
Plugin extendible
And much more!

New functionalities in CloudHotelier 2.7

– Implementing extras, packs and promos in booking view. Now your customers can implement up selling, and build better added value for their product. High-end or specialized accommodation companies will love this new features.
– My Booking view. This new view provides more confidence to users as they can access and print their voucher at any time directly on the website. In near future, we will also implement the ability to cancel and modify the reservation.
– New static resources: Offers and packs views and module. With this, hotel managers can define offers and packages in the Cloud Admin Panel, that will be directly displayed in the hotel website. This is a nice way to keep the website updated and creating value for your product.
– More comprehensive configuration options. We have refactored the configuration panel to allow new users to understand and configure the system.
– More refactoring and small changes: we have implemented a lot of code cleaning and added small features, like arrival time, display better contact form, better email voucher, a new payment platform integration (WorldPay), better search form and more comprehensive strings