CM Auto Readmore

September 9th, 2011

CM Auto Readmore replaces the Joomla core read more button option. This plugin automatically inserts a read more break after the first paragraph or a specific number of characters that you specify in the plugin parameters. Say good bye to manually inserting read more breaks!
The plugin has custom parameters to set intro text length for blog/featured and single article menu items globally. Many of the options can be overridden individually through the article manager or the menu item parameters. When the ‘Show Read More’ option is set to ‘yes’ inside the article manager options, this plugin starts doing work! You can read the user guide to get more information on how it works exactly.

The best feature of this plugin is not having to manually enter the read more break in each article! The second best feature is Joomla’s built in article and menu parameters control whether or not your article displays the automated intro text and read more link!

This is a must have plugin for the Joomla CMS. Read on for more information…

Major Features:

-Automatically adds read more links after the first paragraph or a specified number of characters (you decide) that you specify in the plugin parameters.

-You can set global options for showing the read more link in the article manager options. The global settings are overridden in the menu item or the article depending upon the view. This means once you set the parameters in the plugin you don’t have to go in the plugin manager again!

-You can append the article title and specify the max length of the title just like you can currently through the article manager options. This can be overridden for individual articles as well.

-Works with non public content as well displaying a Login to read more link. This text can be customized as with all of the readmore links. The alternative readmore input will override any plugin text as well.

-Optionally add a link to register for the site after the Login to read more link.

-Backend user guide that displays inside of the plugin manager that will explain exactly how to use the plugin.

-Validates xhtml 1.0 transitional!

You can’t miss out on this plugin… It will make writing articles much more user friendly for you or your clients!