CM Broadcast Scheduler™

August 8th, 2013

CM Broadcast Scheduler™CM Broadcast Scheduler™ is a Joomla™ 2.5.x extension, for displaying your daily schedule of your tv or radio station’s Joomla™© based website.

Version 2.1 gives you the ability to add a Dynamic and a Peristent schedule. A Dynamic Schedule entry is the one-time broadcast of a show or movie. You set a time and date and it will get displayed on your website for that date only. Persistant Schedule, are the entries in your schedule that have a standard broadcast date and time. e.g Every Sunday at 20:00. You create a one-time entry and the item will get displayed at the same day and time for as long as the show lasts. The extension comes with some predefined Ratings that can be customized to meet your area/country’s ratings standard.

On the front-end you get a list of your daily schedule with information for every broadcast like, Name, Description, Runtime/Duration. Based on your schedule and the time frame of your broadcast, you get a highlighted entry with the show currently on-air, with a remaining time and a link to a feed if you’re streaming online.

UPDATE: Please back up your database and/or any modifications you’ve made on this extension. If you’re upgrading please don’t uninstall the previous version of this extension, just install the new one. It will upgrade the files and database and your extension will continue to work with the upgraded files. Just keep a backup of your schedule somewhere just in case.

For interface modifications you may now use template overrides in your template’s HTML folder. Copy the default.php script from:


to your template’s HTML folder