May 24th, 2013

CMigratorSo, you’ve made the mistake of choosing the wrong CMS(WordPress or Drupal :)) in the past? Well, don’t worry, now you have the option to switch to Joomla with ease. With CMigrator you can import your categories, posts, pages and users from WordPress or Drupal directly into Joomla/K2 with just few clicks.


– Migration from WordPress or Drupal 7
– Migration into com_content or K2
– Category import
– Content import
– Users import ( + authentification plugin to log them into your joomla site and update their passwords to the joomla format)
– Tags import for K2
– Tags import for com_content (ads them as meta keywords) (on joomla 3.0 it uses the default tags component)
– Keeps the relations between categories (nested categories) and content. The content is created by the same users as in wordpress/drupal
– Content parsing – cleans up wordpress/drupal code that is not used in joomla. Moves images to your images folder
– Ability to import data from no matter how big database

The original version of CMigrator was inspired by JConverter – thank you!