CmsVenue Ads Manager Carousel Slider

October 2nd, 2011

AdsManager Carousel Slider Module will help you show ads of a selected category with a nice horizontal sliding effect.

Module is very easy to install, use and customize. We also give support if you need any help during installation and customization


1. You can set the WIDTH of the module
2. You can set ANIMATION DURATION from module back-end
3. You can change IMAGE SIZE from back-end
4. You can change IMAGE BORDER COLORS from module back-end easily
5. You can change VIEW AD text from back-end
6. You can DISABLE JQUERY library if already loaded by another extension
7. You can use css file to make changes regarding your needs
8. Simply install and add parameters at the module back-end and it is ready to use.

// 09th October 2011
Multiple Categories added
Random Show Added
Limit Number of Ads Addded…