CN Download

June 14th, 2012

CN Download::What It Does::

This component is a file manager repository for the developer in mind. I wanted something that I would use everyday, and i think I have done just that, take a look at all the features below:

– File manger (in unlimited categories)
– Comments, ratings, and social buttons enabled for each download page
– Keeps track of downloads and views seperately.
– Release History available (only shows if it is filled in)
– License Agreement (force user to check the agreement box to download, or just have the license there for them to see in a sleek lightbox)
– Tag your files for related search by tag pages.
– New, Hot, and Updated notice tags show when over or under the limit set in the configuration.
– So many options in the configuration, everything is available to be turned off, if you just want the bare minimum features on the download page.

MVC (Model, View, Controller), this is the industry standard, and makes it a lot easier to template the views of this component in your own template. (coded with this in mind)