Codeboxr Dribbble Shots Display

November 30th, 2012

Codeboxr Dribbble Shots DisplayOur Dribbble Shots Display module for Joomla is a great solution with tons of customization to display your shots inside your Joomla site.

+ Allows you to show Dribbble shots with highly customizable features
+ Takes various feed types such as:
+++ User Feed
+++ User Following Feed
+++ Dribbble Popular Feed
+++ Everyone Feed
+++ Debuts
+++ Tag Feed
+ Shots Count input
+ Open image in Same, New, Popup
+ Customize Thumbnail background color with color picker
+ Tooltip background and border color with color picker
+ Option to Show/Hide Shots Title
+ Shotbox size control
+ Height and width of Popup control

View Demo here: