Codeboxr Facebook Like Box

August 31st, 2011

Codeboxr Facebook Like BoxFacebook like box module is nothing but the widely used facebook like box using facebook social plugin.


Default Module parameters

Module class suffix
*Caching yes/no
*Caching time

Facebook like box specific parameters
*Facebook page url
*Color Scheme
*Show/hide Faces
*Border Color
*Show/hide stream
*Show/hide box header
*Iframe or FBJS render method

what’s special in this module ?

*For FBJS method-Synchronous/Asynchronous way of injecting javascript. Asynchronous way will help for lazy loading the box and browser will not hang to load it.

*Avoid adding js in FBJS mode
*For Iframe mode we added a mootools based dom/browser renderer ready check so that the box loading of the box doesn’t hang the browser.
*Language selection option for both Iframe and FBJS mode.