December 3rd, 2013

Collaborate★★★★★ Collaborate makes it easy for users on your site to collaborate in real time. You or your Users can generate and then send a unique Collaborate url to a friend or client. When they open the link, each user sees the same page and can interact with the page, Chat, Voice Chat together in real time. The lightest Chat application out there.

★Can be used as a Teaching tool for clients or students too !.

★Auto User Avatars Pro – Automatically display the Gravatars or EasySocial or JomSocial Avatar of logged in Users.

★ White Label UI Pro – Completely white label the UI, help screens and tool name.

★Group Access Pro – Restrict access to a Joomla User Group.

★ Audio Chat – Collaborate uses Web RTC technology to enhance communication for your users.

★ Text Chat – Your users can chat with each other with familiar instant messaging.

★ User Focus – Your users see each other’s mouse cursors and clicks.

★ User presence – Collaborate enables your users to see each other in real time.

★ Co-browsing – Your users can follow each other to different pages on the same domain.

★ Real-time Sync – Your users can see content on a site or app dynamically change together.

★★Supported in – Firefox Safari and Chrome only currently. IE10 is partially supported. Visit the Demo site with your Browsers to test.