June 16th, 2013

com_faithcheckbook#Update 16 June 2013. Joomla v3.0 version released.

Spurgeon Faith’s Check Book has found its way into Apps available for iPhone and Android phones. Now it has found Joomla! Faith’s Check Book is a Joomla Component which adds functionality and content to a Joomla website.

It provides the website’s visitor with a fresh devotional article to read everyday, taken from the written works of Charles H. Spurgeon. Spurgeon’s writings are featured and well-received on Christian websites worldwide. Websites like these generally use cgi scripts for website programming. This component has been developed so that these websites do not suffer disadvantage when they consider a move to Joomla CMS. That by moving to Joomla, there is already something that they can just install and have ready content from the word go.Together with Morning & Evening, these 2 Spurgeon components will immediately give Joomla websites 1000+ articles as content for their visitors reading pleasure.

This component is written in the MVC framework with the intent that someone in future can further modify and enhance this component by , eg implement retrieving the articles from a database table instead of from flat file. MVC makes it lesser risk, during modification or upgrade, of breaking the extension compared to the procedural way commonly found in most website’s scripts.

With this component, user is able to style the Faith Checkbook page by modifying or adding to the style.css file. The poems in Faith Checkbook can be styled by changing the “poem” class.