Comparison table

October 28th, 2011

Comparison table plugin takes table of products from content article, dynamically creates table with checkboxes and allows easily to show and hide columns of that table.

Usage Guide:
* Create new article.
* Insert tag {comparisontable} into article where product visibity selection checkboxes must appear.
* Create table with ID comparisontable into article. Table id can be changed using HTML view or with JCE editor: rightclick on table> Table Properties >Advanced >Id
* Add all products you want to compare into table side by side.
* First row in comparison table must contain product names
* First column in comparison table must contain product parameter values
* Download and install plugin. Download plugin here
* Open: Extensions > Plug-in Manager > Content – Comparison Table. Set Plugin enabled. Choose max products to compare and columns in visible selection table.