Complete Image Styles

October 28th, 2013

Complete Image Styles is a Joomla plugin that provides a full collection of styles for images. Now, you can make your images much more attractive by applying to them many styles. Complete Image Styles brings together all the standard and new styles that appeared with the growth of CSS. Styles like border, shadow, rounded corners, frame, embossed, perspective, lifted corners, raised box, cutout, glowing, reflection, curves, captions and others can be applied alone or in combination.

Complete Image Styles uses only CSS and Javascript to apply the styles. No special and transparent images are needed. Of course images can also be links.

No coding skills are required. Only the plugin and a good content editor like JCE Editor or JCK Editor or CKEditor. So, wherever you have access to the editor (all articles and all modules) you can apply easily the styles. Developers who have knowledge of CSS can apply the styles to images of other Joomla extensions (like VirtueMart, SOBI, Phoca Gallery etc.) if the code of the extension allows that.

Change Log
– The ‘align’ feature is added.
– The styles are applied immediately ignoring the transition time.
– The ‘title’ property is active to all styles.
– Fix in the code for detecting version of IE. (Maybe this modification eliminates problems when minifying/compress javascript.)
– Fix in the help file.
– Compatible with Joomla 3.0.
– Secondary fix in some styles.
– Fix: styles work when image dimensions (width & height) are not defined.
– First release of the Complete Image Styles plugin.