Contact Form by ContactUs

December 18th, 2013

Contact Form by ContactUsContact Form by is an easy-to-use contact form builder. It comes integrated with a powerful contact management database for advanced users to manage their form submissions.

Contact Form by is a contact form plugin for Joomla websites. It features a simple contact form builder, a variety of form design templates, and a callout tab used to highlight contact experience to website visitors. It can also be integrated with a contact management database that is part of a free account.

The contact form plugin can be used for multiple uses such as: Contact form, Support form, Quote form, Demo request form, Newsletter form, “Advertise with Us” form, Customer Feedback form, Request a Consultation form, Suggestion form.

Contact forms powered by the plugin are currently used by lawyers, doctors, wedding vendors, real estate agents, home contractors, online stores, offline retail, insurance agents, web software companies, independent consultants, marketing agencies, advertising agencies, PR agencies, tour operators, florists, writers, designers, tutors, bands and musicians, accountants, financial planners, church groups, non-profits, blogs, web publishers, and many different types of websites.

The most popular implementation of the plugin places a callout tab overlay onto the margins of your website so that it’s visible on every page. The callout tab, using “Contact Us” as the default text (although there are options for additional text), opens up the hosted contact form created by this plugin. Additionally, webmasters can decide to place the contact form “inline” directly onto specified pages of your website. Lastly, Joomla developers can also place shortcodes on specific pages and posts to call the contact form.

Users can select different contact form and callout tab templates from within the plugin. You can manage even more customizations from inside your free account, which is automatically created for you upon installing your plugin. Lastly, from your account, you’ll be able to manage your delivery options, whether to direct form signups to an email address or post inquiry information to a 3rd party software tools like MailChimp, Zoho, Hubspot and Google Docs.

Tools to Get You Started from the Contact Form Plugin
The Contact Form Plugin offers from within the plugin:
Contact Form with choice of contact form designs
Callout Tab with choice of callout tab – text and color *
Name, Email and Message fields
Different implementation paths (callout tab + form, inline form
Include the ability to place a shortcode
Choice of which website pages and posts to include the contact form
Instant notification emails upon contact form submission
Autoresponder email with default text *
Confirmation page with default text *

Note: The asterisk (*) Signifies that this feature can be further customized (outside of the plugin) from within a account