Contact Information (module)

May 19th, 2013

Contact Information (module)Updates: 3.3 adds Adds Moduleclass_sfx option + vCard link plus language file.

Display several contacts with one instance of the module. The option to make the name a link to the corresponding contacts page. Options for separating contacts include “Div”, “Break Tag”, “Horizontal Rule” and none. Each line can be styled separately adding the CSS classes to your style sheet.

This module is intended for displaying your contact information in different places besides just a contact page. The module takes the contact information from the Joomla contact component for whatever ID is specified, then displays it where you choose in your template and it only displays the information you need according to the parameters you’ve set. It’s also great for displaying different bits of your contact information in separate locations within your Joomla template. Using the Joomla copy module function, you can have several instances displaying different or identical information.