Content Locker Article Popup Social Share

May 10th, 2012

Content Locker Popup Article is a Plugin that once installed and enabled displays a popup that invites you to share contents on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +1


– Completly locks article page usability until popup is closed or social action is completed

– Cookies remember if user have not completed action

– Enable/Disable Close Button

– Enable/Disable Advanced Close Button that allow visitors to close popup by clicking outside of the popup or by pressing escape key

– Set Title & SubTitle

– Set Timer

– Set Retro Opacity

– Esclude or Include Categories

– Share site url or article page

## ——————- ##

This include:
+ Content Plugin for Joomla Article
+ J1.5 native plugin for K2 Extension.
+ J2.5 native plugin for K2 Extension.

+ J1.5 & J2.5 native plugin for EasyBlog (soon).