Content Scroller Responsive

May 26th, 2013

Content Scroller ResponsiveContent Scroller Responsive is a module that turns any kind of Content element into a carousel. It can scroll one or multiple items simultaneously, horizontal or vertical, infinite and circular, automatically or by user interaction. Oh, and it’s responsive too. The Content Scroller Responsive was built using the jQuery-library, you can use it on your blog or website on any kind of managed hosting server.


✔Support browsers (IE6+, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, …)
✔Inbuilt 6 themes (Default, Aqua, Mentor, Breeze, Circolare, Linear)
✔With Breeze, Circolare, Linear only support Virtuemart option.
✔Compatible with all the 3rd party templates (All framework most popular : T3, Grantry, Yoo…)
✔Multi Instance Scroller Support
✔Pull Images automatically from a folder
✔Comes with 4 Module Modes : Content, K2, Virtuemart, Banner
✔Unlimited Image Slideshow
✔Auto Start Scroller ON/OFF
✔Play with many nice effects.
✔Comes with clear documentation
✔Show featured or random or lastest or hits…etc from different categories.
✔Adjust slideshow width and height main module.
✔Allow to change transitions speed, duration, and animation transition.
✔Allow to custom background for title, description.
✔Set row on each scroll.
✔Switch ON/OFF Title.
✔Switch ON/OFF Description.
✔Switch ON/OFF Date.
✔Switch ON/OFF Mousewheel.
✔Switch ON/OFF Pagination.
✔Support setting number items on each scroll.
✔Support direction: left, right for horizontal scroll.
✔Support direction: up, down for vertical scroll.
✔Limit Items will display.
✔Support opening link in: Current Window or New Window.
✔Support Mutiple Select Category
✔Support caching to make website loads faster.
✔Support Multi-Language.


Default Theme:

Aqua Theme:

Mentor Theme:

Breeze Theme:

Circolare Theme:

Linear Theme:

Set row on each scroll page: