Content Scrollpane

July 1st, 2013

Content ScrollpaneShortcode based Content Scrollpane is an innovative Joomla Extension that enables you to place a large section within your content which takes only a minimal space.

Sometime you may need to place a large quote or few quotes from your customers within an article, but at the same time you don’t want to take away so much attention from your original content. Or within a product page you want to show something else which are of secondary importance.

In such scenario Content Scrollpane is your idea solution where you can place HTML supported content, any kind of content in this scrollable pane and predefine its height and width. Voila! You end up with very optimized use of your content area and still you are compacting with much information.

To make it most user friendly we have employed short-code. Whats more! This Content Scrollpane is SEO friendly. All the content that you place within this is still part of the same page and gets noticed by Search Engine.

Simple shortcode: {cbscrollpane}Content is here{/cbscrollpane}

There are more options with the basic shortcode and can be configured from the plugin setting page, the default plugin setting will give you nice scroll pane.

Supported Component:
> Com_content (Content Component)
> Com_k2 (K2 Component)

* Mobile and Tablet friendly, Touch enabled (choose jquery from plugin setting) from v2.4
* Works with Responsive Template (from v2.4)

Basic Setting:
> Item id or menu id filter
> Item id or menu id filter type – Include or exclude for for specific menu item/page
> Skip ajax request yes/no
> Skip rss feed yes/no
> Skip popup window(joomla native) yes/no
> Skip home page yes/no

Scrollpane Specific Features:
> Default scrollpane height(visible height)
> Use rounded corner yes/no
> Custom scrollbar position left or right
> Content background color
> Content text color
> Custom scrollbar backgroun color
> Custom scroll knob or handle color