Content Statistics Extended – Activity logs

March 11th, 2013

Complete activity logs for admins – Make reports on ANY Joomla extension: you can see WHO did WHAT and WHEN. See the activity stream for your users, articles, K2 articles, VirtueMart items, Zoo items, SobiPro listings, Mosets Tree, Kunena… it works with every extension!

The Extended Version of Content Statistics include a great new backend interface (a component) where you can see ALL ACTIVITY recorded by the system, displayed in a comprehensive and very functional way.
In other words: you can see WHO did WHAT, WHEN and from WHRE, without skipping any information.
Content Statistics modules give you great statistical and ranking data form the items on your site, and you can make beautiful graphics with this information, for your own use as the site admin, or for your users to see. But with the Extended Version, you can have complete activity log report for everything that is happening, row by row, action by action.

How many times did John Smith downloaded the document A in the month of May?
What articles did Claire read this week? how many times each?
Using the new backend interface and all the filters it provides, this info is instantly available to administrators.

Know everything that happens in your site. WHO, WHAT and WHEN.

Compatible with all our pluings for 3rd Party extensions. Joomla articles, K2, DOCman, Community Builder, JomSocial, Kunena, Zoo, SobiPro, VirtueMart, Tienda, Sobi2, PhocaDownload, Mosets Tree, Music Collection…

Apply filters to narrow the info you want to see (multiple filters can be applied at once):

-Date range: From date X to date Y
-Component filer: filter results by component
-Type of action: Document downloads, Comments on articles, User registrations…
-Specific Item: Only the article X or only the document Y…
-User filter: show actions performed only by the user A, or the user B…
-IP filter
– Country filter (IP geo-location)

Complete activity stream from your site, only for the areas you want thanks to our plugin system.

Many graphic charts available:
-Line charts
-Area charts
-Column charts
-Pie charts
-Stepped area charts
-Line charts (smooth)
-Column stacked
-Area stacked
-Map charts

IP geo-location to know where your users come from!