Content Versions

November 2nd, 2011

This content version system makes it possible to view back on earlier versions of the content in the article editor in the back-end. It adds a button under the wysiwyg editor showing the number of versions available “Versions (5)”. When you click the button it will provide you with a list of the available versions showing the date when it was last saved. By clicking on one of the versions it will display that versions and gives you the option to restore that version.
When you delete a article out of the trashcan it will drop all versions of it except the last one saved. Then one will stay in the database. Maybe in the future I will make a function to show and restore does versions as well. Or there will be a a option to drop all versions when you delete a article.
In the configuration of the Content – Versions plug-in you can set the max number of versions that it has to save. It will drop the oldest version if maximum is reached.
In the configuration of the Button – Versions plug-in you can set the size of the pop-up window.

Really short explanation:
– Install the package that contains the component and the two plug-ins.
– Go to the back-end and publish the two plug-ins.
– Then open a article in the article editor and change it. It only saves when you did make a change.
– After saving it you can see that there is 1 version available in the button under the wysiwyg editor
– Click the button and discover your options.