September 4th, 2011

Content2PDFContent2PDF is a Joomla! component, module & plugin that will allow users to save multiple pages from your website to a basket, so that they can create a single PDF to download.

Content2PDF supports Joomla versions 1.5 & 1.7 for com_content articles and also the K2 cck component (Joomla v1.5 only) – see our ‘Future Roadmap’ for more details.

Present Features Include:

>Simple installation of 1 component, 1 plugin & 1 module
>The ability to add pages to a PDF basket, simply by clicking a link
>The ability to remove or view items that were placed in your PDF basket
>Simply clicking a link in the PDF basket produces a nice clean PDF
>The PDF includes the page image, title and wysiwyg content
>You can add a PDF header & footer image
>Via the plugin, you can exclude categories & individual items

We also have a version that allows users to request further information via a form, from the items placed in the PDF basket.

This is extremely useful for requesting further information on pages – the page titles will be included & sent with the form.
PLEASE NOTE: Prerequisites: RSform!Pro v1.4

Form Features

>We include 2 example forms that you can import into RSform!Pro
>You simply tell the component the RSform ID’s
>From within the PDF basket, the user simply clicks the link and gets transferred to the form
>The form will sent the titles of the pages added to the PDF basket
>The example forms can be edited via the RSforms component to add any additional elements required