August 6th, 2013

ContentMapComponent, Plugin and Module for Joomla! 2.5 easy to use that let insert Google Maps in Joomla contents.
With this powerful extension you will be able to insert geo coordinates directly into the article parameters. The plugin automatically displays a Google map at the bottom of the article, with the geographical place assigned to the article through the geo coordinates.
The module collects in a single Google map multiple markers associated to the articles, the website visitors can choose the articles to read by clicking them on the map.
Plugin -> Google Maps with one marker in a content
Module -> Google Maps with multiple markers
Supports custom icons for markers, infowindows and all kind of maps (street, satellite, terrain, hybrid).
It doesn’t require Maps API knowledge.
ContentMap Plugin and Module have been created by and have been released freely under Gpl license.

—– 06/08/2013 Version 1.3.0 —–
Joomla 3 compatibility. Disable mouse scroll-wheel scaling. New module parameters: Streetview, Marker preview, Show ‘Get Directions’ link. Minor bug fixes.

—– 19/04/2013 Version 1.2.11 —–
Display multiple markers with different icons (Thanks to Paul van Haren).

—– 18/01/2013 Version 1.2.10 —–
Minor bug fixes. German languages added.

—– 28/11/2012 Version 1.2.9 —–
Fixed conflicts with other Joomla modules. Spanish and Dutch languages added.

—– 24/05/2012 Version 1.2.8 —–
Swedish and French languages added.

—– 18/05/2012 Version 1.2.7 —–
Automatic content filter based on content’s and module’s languages. Minor bug fixes.

—– 30/04/2012 Version 1.2.6 —–
New module parameters: “Action on click”, “Cluster”, “Zoom level”, “Center”.
Added support for external data sources.
Minor bug fixes.

—– 23 March 2012 Version 1.2.2—–
Released version 1.2.2 native for Joomla 2.5
– Use of new Google Maps API 3
– Automatical grouping of markers
– Article text and image in the marker balloon
– Integrated system to insert the geo coordinates

—– 13 August 2009 Version 1.0.3—–
Released version 1.0.3 of ContentMap plugin
New features:
– Street View
– Google map search
– Terrain map type

Ciao from Italy 😉