Cookie Monster

May 24th, 2012

Cookie MonsterAs you may already know, the EU Cookie Law comes into effect on the 26th May 2012 , while there are many intepretaions of the new Cookie law as so far as implementation and enforcement goes , what is clear is that Site Visitors have to explicitly agree to accept Cookies. Cookie Monster for Joomla is a System Plugin that makes implementing these Notifications a breeze and offers a less intrusive solution for you for some Cool features that stand out from other such extensions..

You can read more about the new EU Cookie Law here and here .The Plugin is in the form of a Joomla System plugin, if you have any Question or Queries, please ask in the Support Centre . Install and use on unlimited Joomla Installations.

Lets take a look at what the Cookie Monster for Joomla offers …
Main Features

Cookies Notification
Display a Horizontal toolbar at the Top of the Site OR as an overlay on the Page , with a message about the Cookies Use and Policy and an Accept or decline Button.
Google Analytics
You can choose to use the plugin to notify Visitor that you are using Google Analytics Tracking and request them to Accept or Decline.
You can additionally use the plugin to load Google Analytics on your site, just add your Tracking ID in the Plugins parameters. .
Block Site Elements
You can also block any #div that is output on your site with a notification and Prompt to accept. A good example is if your commenting system uses cookies, you just need to add the comnents div name, eg: #comments in the Plugins Parameters.
You can block multiple divs in this way until the Visitor accepts or declines cookies.
Loading Scripts
You can choose to load the Cookie Notification script in the Sites head or before the closing body tags, before the tag is recommended.
To function correctly, the Plugin makes use of jQuery 1.7.2 (tested with jQuery 1.4.2+ ) and this is loaded first on a webpage as mandatory.
Looking ahead
More functionality will be added , with a view to enhance with features and optimise the plugins scripts .

If you have some JavaScript generating extension or script on the site, Cookie Monster can be used to control cookies for it, just ask about this and you will be shown the code to warp your script with.

The requisites of every site differ, this is only a javascript solution, and every effort has been made to try to make this as compliant as possible. It is your own responsibility to review your site for Compliance.