Cool Simple Rotator

January 2nd, 2012

Cool Simple RotatorA very nice and simple banner rotator with support for images and swf files , perfect for setting up a slideshow in a matter of minutes. No flash knowledge required and a very simple administration panel.

Notes and Features :

*Support for images and swf files(tested with AS3 based swf’s).

*Perfect resizable by setting the global width and height.Make sure that your images or swf’s to have the same dimension to the module’s dimensions.
*Autoplay function: enable/dissable autoplay.
*Slides timer. You can choose the number of seconds to pass between the slides.
*The navigation buttons are higly customizable. You can choose to display them at the top of the banner or at the bottom, you can also change all colors , or if you wish you can just hide the buttons.
*The loader position can be also set to be at the bottom or at the top.The color is also customizable.
*There is a nice brightness effect for the slides on mouse over. You have the option to disable the effect.
*You can also choose to disable the external links of the slides.
*Every slide has his own external link and the target for it ( New Window or Same Window).
*You can show/hide every slide you want.