Counter.GD joomla counter & stats

March 27th, 2013

Counter.GD joomla counter & statsCounter.DG is an easy-to-use counters, equipped with various diagrams and a user-friendly presentation. It differs mainly between new and returning visitors!

And so it works …
After installing the module Counter.GD the Counter-ID (available at in the module settings Counter.GD register. After calling the site will see a button (picture) on the man directly to the wider reaches statistics.

Please unpack the zip file before you install. An installation guide (readme.txt) is included!

The Counter.GD features:


* Visitors currently online (last 5 minutes)

NEW and RETURNING visitors:

* Key Visitor & Page views of /: hour, day, month and year
* Visitors & page views in the last 24 hours, 31 days, 12 months and 15 years

Visitors details:

* Operating Systems
* Browser
* JavaScript
* Countries
* Languages
* Screen resolutions

Search informations:

* Media Robots
* Search Engines
* Search phrases
* Search terms

Other indications:

* Current Server Time / Time Zone
* Visitors Total (proportion of revisitors)
* Last page impression

What’s new in Counter.GD?
2013.03.26 :: New (very fast) Counter.GD Root-Server
2010.11.24 :: The performance has been increased!