CSW Compass Pro

February 14th, 2013

CSW Compass ProOur goal with Compass is to make a feature rich dealer/store locator built atop the Google map’s zip code proximity search, other extensions currently on the JED require large zip code databases to pull from, or monthly paid services to connect to. Compass will be a stand allow extension, install it and add all of your locations to it, then the user’s do a zip code search and it will return all of the locations nearest to their location/zip.

Compass will be developed following the Joomla MVC framework, so it will be easy for users to customize via template overrides to fit their own site needs. Compass will also be built to take advantage of the multi-language support and will use Joomla language files.

We just updated Compass to v0.0.3 on our demo site, and added some locations so you could see it in action: