CSW Latest News

June 2nd, 2013

CSW Latest NewsCSW Latest News is the easiest way to display your articles across your site, in any number of layout possibilities. This module is our go to module for Joomla! 2.5/3.x we use it on just about every project we do these days. This is the Swiss army knife of article modules, it can be used to display your latest articles or random quotes, and customer testimonials the possibilities are endless.

Main Options
• Sort articles by their created/published/modified dates, the article’s ID/title/ or sort order, and set the sort direction by descending, ascending, or random
• Limit the number of articles to be displayed
• You can select to skip the first item
• Select one or multiple categories to pull articles from
• Custom module CSS class suffix

Title Options
• Enable / Disable article title
• Limit the characters in your article’s title
• Enable / Disable article title url
• If article url is enabled you can select to link to that specific article or the category in blog layout

Content Options
• Enable / Disable article content
• Limit the characters in your article’s content body

Category Image Options
• Enable / Disable the category image, if an image has been assigned to the category, in the category’s settings

Created by Options
• Enable / Disable article Created By: FULL NAME
• Filter articles to only show articles by a selected user’s ID
• Filter articles to display all articles except the user’s ID selected

Read More Options
• Enable / Disable the read more link or set it to auto
• Change the “Read More” text

Date Options
• Enable / Disable the articles create date
• Select a date format, there are 11 different formats to choose from
• Custom date format field

YouTube Options
• Enable / Disable the YouTube feature, if enabled, it will look in the article for links to YouTube videos, if one is detected it will automatically embed the video for you
• Set the video play’s width
• Set the video play’s height

• Enable user’s avatar
• Enable avatar link to user’s profile if their avatar is enabled

Article Layout Template
• This is the HTML Template code that controls the layout of each article item displayed within the module, view our help page for a full list of tokens that can be used within this field

Other Options
• Enable / Disable the article’s title / content overflow indicator, i.e. “…” at the end of the title / content if you have set to display a set number of characters
• You can create a custom overflow indicator if you do not care for “…”
• Enable / Disable stripping of the HTML of the article content body
• Module prefix HTML, you have the option to display custom HTML before the module
• Module suffix HTML, you have the option to display custom HTML after the module