Custom Facebook Slider

August 27th, 2012

Custom Facebook Slider

Gain likes, fans, connect with your audience.

To use:

Input your Facebook ID in the module manager to display the Facebook feed on your Joomla page.

To find your facebook ID go to and you will receive a response similar to this:

“name”: “Facebook Platform”,
“website”: “”,
“username”: “platform”,
“founded”: “May 2007”,
“company_overview”: “Facebook Platform enables anyone to build…”,
“mission”: “To make the web more open and social.”,
“products”: “Facebook Application Programming Interface (API)…”,
“likes”: 449921,
“id”: 19292868552,
“category”: “Technology”

Copy and paste the “id” number into the Custom Facebook Slider and the feed will display correctly in any SIDEBAR module position.

Other Examples:

All objects in Facebook can be accessed in the same way:

Users: (Bret Taylor)
Pages: (Coca-Cola page)
Events: (Facebook Developer Garage Austin)
Groups: (Facebook Developers group)
Applications: (the Graffiti app)
Status messages: (A status message from Bret)
Photos: (A photo from the Coca-Cola page)
Photo albums: (Coca-Cola’s wall photos)
Profile pictures: (your profile picture)
Videos: (A Facebook tech talk on Graph API)
Notes: (Note announcing Facebook for iPhone 3.0)
Checkins: (Check-in at a pizzeria)