Custom Page Navigation

August 20th, 2013

Custom Page NavigationE-max custom page navigation is a simple and free plugin that allow you to display a page navigation with title and custom image for directions ONLY in the pages that you need it.

Ever tried to have page navigation arrows only for SOME of your articles to be displayed? And in a position between your body text, or wherever you like to?

Now you can control all of this in a very easy way with this useful plugin.

Inspired by Joomla’s page navigation plugin, but with unique new features that give you the freedom to use page navigation in a complete new way in Joomla.

Doesn’t need the Joomla page navigation plugin to be active to work, and doesn’t seem to have any conflict with it if you want to use it both.

Simply enable the plugin and add:


where you need the navigation to be in the article, select the images you want to use for directions (you can add your custom images in a very easy way) and the order you want the plugin to show articles. The plugin will use CATEGORIES to define the articles range to be shown.

This plugin is multi languages enabled. At the moment we’ve included Italian and English, but if you want to translate it, is very easy and straightforward.