Custom Properties

August 6th, 2013

Custom Properties is a Joomla! Extension for creating and assigning custom properties to articles and other content items. Your custom properties can be displayed under the article as tags, or all together as a tag cloud or as a menu. You can even make menu items out of tags.
Your custom-defined properties also become an advanced search module, to filter articles combining more criteria.
A dedicated module let you display a selectable number of content items that have been tagged with a give tag.
Custom Properties 2.x and 3.x add many features to the basic extension:
– Compatibility with J1.6 – J2.5 – J3.x
– Support for Falang (translation component)
– New field types: autocomplete, multi-select with “chosen” interface
– new module to build a menu from tags
– new module to display articles tagged with a given CPtag
– create regular menu items from tags
– frontend tagging for new content elements and for some third party content elements
– Title + Image + Plain text view
– search by date range
– selectable query type
… and more