Custom reCaptcha

November 20th, 2013

Custom reCaptchaCustom reCaptcha is a plugin that gives you control over the look of the Google’s reCaptcha widget. It can replace the standard reCaptcha plugin packaged with Joomla!

reCaptcha from Google is a ‘one-size-fits-all-designs’ widget that does not offer many possible styles. Until now it fit my projects but once I started working on responsive templates, the size of the default reCaptcha themes started being in the way, especially for mobile designs.

Nothing is lost, as Google offers a way to get the widget in a ‘raw’ state and is (almost) fully skinnable (see Customizing the Look and Feel of reCAPTCHA). The purpose of this simple plugin is to give you access to the raw widget and allow you to perform your own skinning, right from your template. Hard core stylers and developers alike, go crazy and make it beautiful. Do not hesitate to show off your designs in the forum.