CW Multicategories

December 20th, 2013

CW MulticategoriesAllows you to publish Joomla! articles into multiple categories via modal window with AJAX functionality. Works for backend&frontend! + Preview Button in Article edit page!
Full integration for article URL routing, breadcrums, blogs, page navigation, etc.

– Button for modal window with category list – just like classical Category list view
– Pagination in category list
– Filtering categories
– ACL included – visible only categories acording to user rights
– AJAX & jQuery powered
– No problems with SEF
– Featured articles, Blog view, Article view – articles have all categories displayed, linking into the correct category view
– Page navigation – in the article detail view routing correctly within the current category – even if article has multiple categories assigned
– Breadcrumbs – showing correct path depending on in which category is the article viewed from (as it can be published in more categories)
– Possibility to enable creating Canonical URLs for articles in multiple categories – for avoiding having duplicate content!

All the functionality is also available in Frontend article management!

As a bonus, you will recieve an Article Preview button functionality in toolbar of Article edit form view!

Update system for user friendly install/update process

Joomla! update checker indicating new versions of extension

Drag and drop sorting category order for article in article detail form

NEW RELEASE 2.7.0/3.2.0 containing new system of category selection – improved functionality solving some issues

Safe to install and uninstall.