CW Tags

October 18th, 2013

CW TagsComplex Tagging system for Joomla content! Unique system for IMAGE or TEXT tags!! – based on rich settings. AJAX & jQuery powered – for fast and interactive management. Autocomplete suggestions for search tag input and add tag input! Own search engine.

– Text or image tags, under or above article content
– Displaying related articles in article detail – configurable parameters
– Displaying Tags in article detail view and blog and featured view (possible to disable)
– Filtering categories – Tags can be managed in category structure for easier tag management
– Autocomplete for search tag input and add tag input!
– Possibility to customize CW Tag module – using search with autocomplete, tag cloud using images or text and using tag sizes according to tag frequency or static size and more…
– Own search component – tag search doesnt use native Joomla search! – configurable parameters.
– Displaying tags in article in article views – detail, blog etc.
– Component Update system
– ACL for component
– No problems with SEF
– Save and Copy article will copy tags in new article
– Batch Copy – copy tags in new articles will create also tags
– Friendly support 🙂
– display tags above or under article content OR turn off
– use {cwtags} syntax inside the content to display tags in place where you want
– metadata for search results – helping SEO

All the functionality for article Tags editing is also available in Frontend article management!

Update system for user friendly install/update process

Joomla! update checker indicating new versions of extension