D-Mack Cool QR Code

October 24th, 2013

D-Mack Cool QR CodeD-Mack Cool QR is a flexible module that can display **12 Different Types** of QR Codes and does *NOT* rely on ANY external resources to generate the QR Codes (it is completely stand-alone)! Use multiple copies of the module on one page if needed! There are many options to choose from which makes this a great module that will enhance your website and help ‘spread the word’!

Easily embed QR Codes into any article using the Joomla loadposition… functionality. You can use the module on your website or use it to just create the QR codes that you can then save and use in your printed material!

The only requirements for the module are PHP v.5.2+, GD Library enabled and of course Joomla 2.5+.

* 12 Different Types of QR Codes including:
– Current Page URL
– Freeform URL
– Freeform Text
– Phone Number
– SMS Phone Number & Message
– Email Address incl. Subject & Body
– Skype
– Simple vCard
– Comprehensive Extended vCard (with 17 options!)
– Simple vCard with Photo – uses base64_encoding to embed the image right into the QR code
– GEO Location Map – Just enter you address – The module fetches the Longitude + Latitude through the Google Map API
– YouTube Video

**Full Demo with *ALL* 12 QR Codes on ONE page:

* Settings for Pixel Size, Outer Frame Size, Error Correction Level and PNG Quality

* QR Code Background and Foreground color selector options

* Select the position of the QR Code within the module – left, right or center

* QR Code Border options – width, type and color

* Pre and Post HTML text – ALL options, including the titles, can be set to display or not

* QR Code image filename option to allow more than 1 instance of the module on a page

* Caching option to allow for quicker page loads

* Works well using the Joomla loadposition function – include many QR Types in 1 article

* Handy Quick Start Guide and Instructions via a pop-up modal window right within the module

* Utilizes the native Joomla! Update functionality

* You do NOT need to register on our site to purchase the module

* As per our strict policy, there are absolutely NO backlinks to our site (and never will be)!

Be sure to visit our download page to read more details and view extra screenshots of the module!

The module may not ‘scan’ properly with a smart device if the QR Code is too small and/or if there is too much data encoded in the image. The 2 possible solutions would be: Position the module so the QR code can be larger -or- Reduce the amount of info in the QR code.