Daily Scheduler Calendar

January 20th, 2013

Daily Scheduler CalendarDaily Scheduler Calendar for Joomla! is a daily agenda-type calendar for websites using Joomla CMS. This new extension is composed of a component and a module configurable from the Joomla administration and can be integrated into your website as a page content or as a module in any location that you decide to designate for it. This calendar is available both as a module and as a component for Joomla.


• You can define time-slots on each week day

• The events/appointments can have a start time and an end time

• Supports events/appointments with start and end time, or only with a start time

• Support recurring events in weekly basis (weekly periodic events)

• Each event/appointment entered in the calendar can have information (title, description) associated to it

• The information associated to events/appointments can be shown in floating panels when the mouse is moved over the calendar date/time

• Supports 12/24 hours format

• Multiple visualization modes: Small calendar (ex: for the sidebar) and large calendar (ex: for the main content area of the page)

• The large calendar can show the event’s time and title directly into the calendar cell related to the event date, moving the mouse over it will show the event’s description in a floating panel

• You can define working weekdays and restricted dates

• Easy, dynamic, fast and intuitive administration interface