Dailymotion Video in Fancybox

February 9th, 2012

With this plugin for only 3,90 euros, you can embed videos from into articles simply by copying and pasting a video URL as plain text without any tags. The video will appear in a fancybox (lightbox). Plugin uses jQuery ver. 1.7.1 and Fancybox library ver. 1.3.4.

Dailymotion ver 1.7

– jQuery v.1.7.1
– Fancybox v.1.4.3
– turn on/off jQuery library include
– turn on/off Fancybox library include
– select the color of the overlay
– select the opacity od the overlay
– adjust the width/height of the thumbnail
– adjust the width/height of the video window
– turn on/off the video title below the thumbnail
– select default video quality if available
– turn on/off video loop
– turn on/off autoplay
– turn on/off showing video controls in the video window
– select themes (light, dark, custom)