November 3rd, 2013

DanCarouselPerfect for headers, DanCarousel makes a jquery slideshow auto-resizing and auto-cropping uploaded images.
Simply select the folder with images, set the sizes, choose your transition and get a header on every page you select, with nice apple style pager, next and previous buttons, full size mode with a clean jquery effect.

Optionally you can insert a link and an headline with your css. You can also use it as a box with animated slides inside a content article (using the {loadposition} joomla trick).

DanCarousel is based on the fabolus timthumb and bxslider scripts. Jquery code use the noconflict mode avoiding conflicts with other libraries like mootools.

How to use:
1: Include the jquery library in your index.php template file.
2: Install the module.
3: In module settings set your image folder, width and height (in pixels; don’t forget the final slash/)

If you like this module, consider to send a paypal donation! You’ll get a credit-free version.