DataSafe PRO

February 2nd, 2013

DataSafe PRODataSafe Pro backup. It’s professional.

Want to save time? Avoid stress? Want to backup your Joomla database automatically, every day, without fail?

Get DataSafe PRO! It’s easy to use. It gives you fast, reliable backups. And it just works.

DataSafe Pro creates a backup of your Joomla database – as often as you like. And with an optional subscription, you can set it to create a backup every hour, day, week – you choose! Just set it and forget it, and a backup will be created on schedule.

It’s so easy to use, you install it and that’s it – you’re done! The first backup is created on install (you don’t even need to enter any connection details).

After install you can choose whether to email yourself a copy of each backup, set the backup frequency schedule, and set the database to automatically optimize and repair itself while it creates each backup, which will keep it running at perfect efficiency.

To restore your Joomla database from a backup it’s easy. Either select a DataSafe backup stored online, or upload a backup stored on your local computer using the DataSafe Pro interface.

It is also very very easy to clone your Joomla system from a DataSafe Pro backup. It takes about 4 clicks in total – install component, download the automatic backup, install the component on your second system, upload your saved backup, finished!

Everything you’d expect comes as standard – each backup is compressed using gzip; your database is automatically repaired and optimized during backup to maintain perfect performance, and every backup is instantly emailed to you so you have an offline copy. Each backup is also stored securely online, ready for you to restore whenever you like.

DataSafe Pro is an all-in-one database backup system for Joomla. It was designed to make it as easy as possible to generate a backup – even for complete newcomers to Joomla.

A DataSafe Pro backup contains all your database information, so if your system goes down, you make a mistake in configuration, or you want to roll back your system to an earlier time, just select a backup and restore it using the DataSafe Pro interface. If you can’t access your Joomla administrator panel, you can also restore your DataSafe backup using PHPMyAdmin (or similar) which is installed on every server. Just use a DataSafe Pro backup stored on your local computer, or if your administrator area is unavailable, use FTP to download a backup stored online.

DataSafe Pro is also backed with a full guarantee and support – so you know you’re in safe hands if ever you need them. Just send us an email and we’ll get your backups up and running in no time at all!