October 26th, 2013

DCMDCM Desktop Content Manager for Joomla is the new way to edit Joomla and K2 content directly from your desktop. Instead of using the Joomla webinterface editor, you can edit your content with the DCM Windows desktop application, with either an built-in html-editor or an external html-editor of your choice like Winword, Livewriter, Phase 5 or Eclipse. DCM has two components, the DCM webservice for Joomla 2.5 and 3.1, which is installed in your Joomla-Site and the desktop application which get’s the content via the webserivce and where you can manage your content. DCM has many features that make managing content much more easier like:

· Create, edit or trash your articles and change options like publishing up-and-down times, language, ordering, access level.

· The features for editing mulitlanguage content, where is that you can edit 2-3 articles side-by-side in the internal html-editor or translate articles automatically with the MS translator API.

· Automatic upload of pictures to your website. When you edit content and want to insert some images you don’t need to care about uploading the pictures and insert the url into your content. Just insert a local image from your harddrive into your content with your editor and when you upload the content, DCM scans the content for local images. If he founds them, DCM uploads them automatically to your images-upload folder on your Joomla-Site and replaces the img-url tag with the url of your Joomla-Site.

· Insert the css-styles of your Joomla-Site. You can download the css-file definitions of your Joomla-Site and choose which styles you want to apply. Everytime you edit content with either the internal or an external editor, DCM inserts the css-definitions before you edit the content and removes them after you have finised editing the content. So you have the right css-styles when you edit your content.