Diary School

November 23rd, 2013

Diary SchoolThe electronic diary allows to keep account implementation of training programs, including:

the accounting of the given classes with reflection of subject, employment of pedagogical employees, deviations from earlier planned schedule;
accounting of house and other educational tasks;
accounting of results of implementation of the training program pupils (progress);
accounting of attendance of occupations by pupils;
to analyze the current progress, attendance of pupils;
quickly to inform parents of pupils on attendance of occupations and progress of their children;

Features of a component “Electronic Diary/magazine”:

the component will be established on a school site, instead of on a third-party site;
the system is free for parents – each parent can get access to estimates of the child;
establishment receives free updatings of a component, thereby at you the system will extend – to be added reports, to extend functionality.
possibility of automatic formation of specific reports, for example “Examination analysis”, “RIK-76 form” and others;
after acquisition of “the Electronic Diary”, you can use its unlimited number of time without additional payment for using a component;
possibility of loading (import) of data from 1C: Chronograph.