November 15th, 2013

The DigiFolio component makes it easy to display all your projects on your website (portfolio). You can show details about your projects including images, start/end date, e-mail, webaddress, etc.

The DigiFolio component is versatile and perfect to use for any website. The CSS styles for the component are easy to change. This way every view can be set to your own layout!

Add a watermark to each image in your portfolio. The watermark is fully adjustable with your own text including color, font, size, transparancy, position and even the angle. The original images still being preserved though.

Each DigiFolio project can contain a master image and can contain, optionally, 5 other images. These images will be displayed using a Fancybox or ImageZoom popup.

Multi-lingual support is fully implemented according the Joomla! 2.5 principles. The component displays the projects and categories in the proper language on your mulit-lingual website.

Three plugins are installed with the DigiFolio Component. These are added to enjoy the component even more!

– Content plugin –
This plugin can be used to add (and display) DigiFolio projects from within your articles.

– Insert button –
This plugin adds a button below the Joomla! text editor. This way you can add an project easily to your articles. Just clilck the button, select your project to display and it’s done.

– Search plugin –
The final plugin adds search functionality to the Joomla! search option. This way your users can also search for keywords in your DigiFolio projects.

All views are neatly sorted on category, displayed as thumbnails or just directly in a list with all projects. The choice is all yours how you want to display this through CSS and the configuration settings of the DigiFolio component.

With the help of the advanced backup and recovery functions you can create fast and easy backups of all projects, categories and CSS styles you’ve set for the component. Everything is saved in backup files which you can download as one ZIP archive for later usage. The ZIP archive is also a standard Joomla! extension installation package which can be installed through the Joomla! extensions manager to restore the backup files easily.

Added is a Live Update functionality. Check quickly for a new version of the DigiFolio component and update immediately. Thanks to the LiveUpdate component from it’s as easy as counting to three.