DM Articles Dropdown for K2

July 9th, 2013

DM Articles Dropdown for K2 allows you to list article titles inside a dropdown within a Joomla module. You can choose to list titles belonging to a K2 category or having a particular keyword.

With DM Articles Dropdown for K2 you can decide to show the articles’ date and format it exactly as you need, setting its font style, its position, its format and so on. In addition, you can choose to display a bottom link, allowing you to provide a customized “read more link” to your module.

– Get K2 items belonging to a category or keyword
– Possibility to have current article always selected in the dropdown;
– Possibility to customize the appearance of the articles’ creation date, letting you choose the graphical style, its position, and its format;
– Priority support for problems experienced during module installation or configuration.