DM Ask Info Popup

March 7th, 2013

DM Ask Info Popup is a plugin that lets your user ask questions about a particular page ( it can be a Joomla article, a K2 item or any other component view), through a simple and elegant contact form that can be displayed in a PopUp, under the article or directly in the article.

For your visitors, usage is very simple:
* The user clicks the “Ask info about this article” button (you can customize the button’s label within plugin’s parameters)
* An elegant jQuery popup appears, and the user can input his name, his e-mail and a message
* You receive an e-mail containing the user’s request.

For each button you insert in your content, you can customize:
* Destination e-mail address (recipient);
* Button title.

The plugin settings let you configure every aspect of it:

* The categories where the link has to be shown;
* Link text;
* Popup’s title;
* Destination e-mail address;
* Confirmation message;
* Popup’s style (10 available!);
* one custom text field;
* reCaptcha theme.