DOMPDF Library

December 22nd, 2013

DOMPDF LibraryThis package helps you have DOMPDF library in your Joomla’s library folder without downloading DOMPDF release then upload/copy it to your the library folder.

It is useful if you need to use DOMPDF for your project, eg. create PDF view for your content (

This package uses Joomla’s Updater to provide updates. As soon as DOMPDF has a new release, this package is also updated with the new code of DOMPDF and you can update easily in your Joomla’s back-end.

The current version is 1.0, it includes DOMPDF version 0.6.0-b3.

NOTE: This package is provided by us (CMExtension). We only creates this installation package for Joomla! CMS, DOMPDF has been developed and maintained by the community at Github ( DOMPDF is licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License (

If you have any issue with DOMPDF please refer to its Github repository for documentation or issues.

If you have problem with this package, eg install, update or uninstall please contact us for support.