Domus Organizer

November 1st, 2013

Domus Organizer is a tool for real estate agencies. Stop simply displaying your properties and start managing them.

In addition to its own property, your agency will be able to organize and manage customers and their requests.

Do you have a potential buyer looking for a nice apartment with air condition, garden, lift, recently renovated?
Or you have a property and you want to look for if any of your customers are interested?

With Domus Organizer you can save everything and manage it appropriately.

You can find a public area, updated automatically every time you change an info.
Do you want to unpublish an item and manage it internally?
Simply click on a link and it’s done!
Every time you add a new image to the property, the public slideshow will be updated; the map on the admin area allows you to set up the position accurately.

Don’t be afraid of customizations!
Everything is achieved using CSS, so simply override the stylesheet with template overrides and you’re done!

Moreover you can manage everything from the frontend, so you don’t have to allow co-workers to login to the backend.

Remember: this is not a simply extension, but a powerful tool for real estate agencies.

*** Now dynamic fields are supported! You can customize your own installation as you wish!

p.s. Screenshots are in Italian, but the whole component is in English. By the way, we’re looking for translators!