Download Element for Zoo

September 15th, 2013

Download Element for ZooIt is pretty much the same as the original download element, but allows you to restrict the download to registered users. If a user is not logged in, then “login” is displayed instead of “download”, but the button is still visible.

I am not sure whether this element would work well on non-English sites, but you can change the code in any way you want 🙂

You can install the element with the standard Joomla installer.

The package also contains copyrighted Yootheme assets (javascript, css and images). That means you can only use them in your Zoo installation. And you are not allowed to distribute these (please ask Yootheme for permission).


v1.5.13: add Uikit template
v1.5: Joomla 2.5 bug fix
v1.4: Zoo 2.6 compatibility
v1.3: Zoo 2.5 compatibility (dropped Zoo 2.4 support)
v1.2: added supported for Joomla 1.7
v1.1: updated element for Zoo 2.4.9
v1.0: initial release