Downloadable Checkout For Virtuemart

August 22nd, 2013

Virtuemart 2 Digital Products Checkout Process

Extremely Easy!

Skip Billing and Shipping For Virtuemart Downloadable Products

No Core Hacks

This extension contains a module and a plugin, it’s used on virtuemart 2.0, for downloadable products only.
It only asks customers to input email address in the final checkout step, and the customer will receive the formal joomla user registration email.
How to use:
1 Install the contained module and plugin and activate plugin.
2. Create a new article , named probably ‘checkout’.
3. Create a new menu item, must name its alias as ‘checkout’, select the article of step #2 as the menu content.
4. In the installed module mod_downloadable_checkout config page, assign the module only to menu of step #3.
5. you are done.

For free products:
After checkout successfully, first activate your account through the link sent to your email, and login to the site, revisit the above the url, the downloadable file is visible to you.