November 5th, 2013

DPAttachmentsA simple but powerful attachment extension suite which integrates seamless file attachments for articles and more. Just drag and drop files or copy paste your clipboard content into the article area and the attachment will be generated automatically.
If the file can be viewed in the browser a preview mode is available and tracking of downloads comes out of the box.
If your component triggers the onContentAfterDisplay event, DPAttachments will detect it and automatically integrates itself into the display area.

DPAttachments integrates automatically with the following extensions:
– Content Articles
– DPCases
– DPCalendar Events
– many more ….

If you want to integrate DPAttachments into your own Joomla extension read the developer guide at It takes three lines of code.

We created DPAttachments for our own use and on request from our customers we made the extension suite available for free to the public. Use it, integrate it, extend it for free.